Miter Arbórea, S.L. is the result of the commitment of agriculture engineers focused on their profession to make good use of land and every thing related to it.

The fundamental task of adaptation to a Planet which is growing in population and global warming demands a professional, intellectual and moral effort to which we must provide a valid answer.

Miter Arbórea, S.L. objective is to provide services to institutions, small and big land owners, partnerships, companies, surveyings , silviculture, grazing land, conservation, hydrological and energy requirements with a working focus to improve all type of conditions in need of assistance.

We in Miter Arbórea, S.L. observe, listen, suggest, always with a “forest keen eye” to get a clear picture of what the client wants and needs.

Miter Arbórea, S.L. is very aware of the need for a budget commitment based on the mutual trust between us and the client as the only way to success.


Miter Arbórea, S.L.is the selviculture solution to your forestation, energy, plot, pasture, gardening, hydrological, ground, paths and tracks requirements. These solutions will be expressed on a contract as a result of a fair exchange between your needs to be resolved and our contribution.
Live on the flora and fauna and the mountains.
Forestation must find its right place.


Miter Arbóreahas a brief record, but this is not the case of the two Agriculture Engineers who are the managers of the company. We have an experience dealing with all sorts of situations and difficulties in close contact with a wide variety of problems and people. From the small owner and the processor 2.0 to the very big exploitations.

We in Miter Arbórea, believe in initiative, innovation and interchange of resources as a logical solution to thin budgets. We undertake that we know how to clear vegetation and bushes, how to plant (where, how, when…) how to know plagues, how to take care of nature, limiting damage with a sense of responsibility and always thinking to improve natural resources.

We do not think that Miter Arbórea, S.L. be very different from other companies, but we who work in Miter Arbórea are different in our commitment to carry out the job entrusted to us which we have got in fair competition. We also believe that being relatively small is an advantage in terms of direct and close understanding of clients needs and our “hands in” approach in doing the job.